In the Classroom: French III

Campbell Ainsworth
French III students are are taking the helm with a project that provides for more authentic second language learning in class. Read on for more, and bon appétit!

French III students are in the midst of a unit about food. Students learned food and cooking vocabulary and then watched cooking shows in French to hone their listening skills. Then, during project block, we made a brioche (a rich bread that uses milk instead of water) and crepes. Students also chose their own recipes and worked in partners to write out the ingredients and steps.

This year’s class chose a variety of recipes, including a flan, a chocolate mousse, and a croque madame sandwich. They then filmed themselves cooking as they described the steps out loud, and later edited the videos and added subtitles. This is a fun project for students because they get to use their French in an authentic and meaningful way, and they are certainly motivated to eat the finished project!

Johanna Pastoriza ’16 said, “this project gave us a chance to learn how to understand recipes and instructions in French, as well as giving us a chance to describe what we were doing in French. Speaking and learning how to pronounce words is a very important part of learning a language; it’s not just about writing down vocabulary. The hardest part for me was memorizing the lines; but as I get better at French it becomes more natural and easier to talk about what I’m doing without memorizing the lines exactly. Campbell is a very energetic teacher, who makes sure that we are motivated and that we spend as much time as possible working on improving our French; he encourages us to speak only French in the classroom.”

Barbara Deleon ’16 said, “Campbell is really easy to work with and always has different techniques for teaching you a skill that you maybe didn’t grasp the first time. I loved that I was able to do something I’m passionate about: cooking. The hardest part for me was learning the pronunciation of all the ingredients, Johanna and I just have to take a breath and keep practicing.”

Click here to watch Barbara Deleon ’16 and Johanna’s cooking show video.

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