In the Classroom: Music Theory

Rachel Spector’s Music Theory gives individual attention to each student to nurture and grow their talents.
The White Mountain School is an intentionally small community, giving us the best possible opportunity to work with each and every student individually, tailoring their progress and lessons to their own skill level and interests. Rachel Spector’s Music Theory class is one of the best examples on campus of WMS’s small classrooms in action.

Right now, the Music Theory is learning inversions of triads, both major and minor. They’re also working on training their ears to recognize the difference between major and minor chords and understanding intervals and how they sound on the piano. “Typically on Fridays,” Rachel says, “I like to go over in brief some of the things we’ve learned over the week and then identify which area each student needs to practice, and then have an individualized assignment for each of them to make sure they’re on track. We have covered a lot already and hopefully will be able to continue that trend, although the topics get more and more complicated as we go on, so it’s really finding a balance between old information, recycling it, and remembering it, versus introducing new topics.”

Rachel really appreciates the way that the small class size allows her to address each student personally and tailor assignments and teaching to their needs. “The topic makes a lot of sense,” she says, “but it’s not easy to master, so being able to work with them a lot one on one is really great.”

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