In The Classroom: U.S. History

Padraic Foran’s U.S. History class transforms WMS’s McLane Building into a museum.
Project block at The White Mountain School is the perfect time for students and teachers to devote extra time and energy to their subjects and explore topics that they might not ordinarily have time for. Padraic “Paddy” Foran’s history class recently used their valuable project block time to work on their recent studies of World War II by transforming the McLane Building into a museum.

After devoting hours of class time to studying the Pacific and European theater of the second world war, Paddy gave his class free reign to select a topic of their choice, subject that topic to deeper study, and then design a museum exhibit based around it, which the students then installed somewhere within the classroom building. Locations ranged from the Great Hall to a bathroom stall, media included written plaques, images, and video, and topics explored were as broad as the mechanics of aerial warfare and the psychology of wartime propaganda.

“Paddy wanted to give us an opportunity to be creative with what we had learned and what we wanted to learn more about,” said Rachael Moss ’15. “I really think the project did what it was meaning to do in that it really pushed us to think about how to present ideas and information to each other in ways that were more creative than a Powerpoint presentation.”

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