Interim Sports 2013

Between the Fall and Winter sports seasons, students take a break from the ordinary.
With the fall sports season at its end, we say goodbye to soccer, cross country, farm and forest, and theater and, for a week, we let ourselves try something new. Interim Sports are a week-long opportunity for faculty and students to share passions and hobbies with one another that wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity to do as a community. This year’s offerings include:

Disc Golf – We’ve always felt that golf could be improved by the generous application of Frisbees.

Joyful Reading – Curl up with a good book!

Sculpture – Unleash your inner artist.

Baking – Sweet treats for sweet students.

Fishing – Not ice fishing. Not yet.

Geocaching – Go have an adventure!

Knitting – Hurry up, guys. It’s only going to get colder.

Old-School Gym – Put on your legwarmers! It’s time to Jazzercise.

Yearbook – Preserving school memories!

Ski/Snowboard – Snow may be light on the ground at WMS, but at the top of the mountains, it’s already skiing weather!

Chess – Hone your strategic thinking!

Snowboard Team – The snowboard team gets a jump on things with a week of practice.

Boys Basketball – Back on the court!

Climbing Area Maintenance – Preparing for a winter of icy and indoor climbing!

Campus Trail Maintanence – Paving the way for exploration of the wilderness outside our doors.

It is our hope that these interim sports provide a fun and relaxing way to transition from fall to winter sports by providing opportunities for students to try new things and explore their passions.

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