International Night!

Julie Yates
On Friday, Febuary 17th, WMS celebrates the diversity of our community with food, music and art.
For over 12 years, The White Mountain School has celebrated our community’s diversity by holding an International Night. This annual event is one of our favorite School traditions, featuring food and entertainment from the countries our WMS students and faculty/staff represent. International Night provides time for community members to celebrate their country of origin or their heritage, while also allowing us to learn a little about the each other and the world. This year International Night is being held on Friday, Febuary 17th and promises to continue the lively embracement of diversity that is WMS!
Evening Schedule
join us if you can!
5 pm – Hors d’oeuvres from around the world
prepared by students
6 pm – Community Dinner featuring international dishes
prepared by the WMS kitchen
6:30– Student performances
Student Cooks and the Countries they Represent
Joseph Richaud and Shihao Chen- France
Georgy Uspenskiy and Marvin Krumpe- Germany
Katherine Desimine and Paul Fontana- Italy
Vanessa Zhou and Kayla Chen- China
Ingrid Tomljanovic – Croatia
Katherine Keenan- Ireland
Penelope Durand- Peru
Bianca and Daniel Hierro- Dominican Republic 
Gabby Moise, Jake David and Emily Nute- USA
Various students from French class- France
Student Performers
Thomas Yue- drums
Melody Wu- singing
Rewina Bedemariam- presentation on Ethiopia
Sheng Kai Lin- piano
Gen Xu- dance
Payge Emerson- Irish fiddle
Yi Hao- Chinese painting
Many hands work together to create this delicious and memorable evening.

Find Photos here!
See photos from past International Nights

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