LASR Project: Sam Bews ’15 “Adaptive Dance”

White Mountain School junior Sam Bews has long loved and practiced dance. She says, “I’m a different person when I dance. It’s much easier to express myself that way.”

“My goal is to develop a set of skills, an adaptive dance program, that will enable kids with disabilities to experience that expression that I love.”

Sam will be working this fall with the director of the Creative Edge Dance Studio, Kathy Kohatsu, and a local physical therapist to build an adaptive dance program. There are very strong adaptive sports programs in the area through Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country, but Sam sees that there is room in the community for programming in the arts.

When asked about her inspiration for the project, Sam said:

“I went to Boston for a ballet audition for a summer intensive with Boston Ballet. As I was coming out of my audition I saw a class for students with Down Syndrome. I was really interested in what they were doing. I’d never seen anything like that. I talked to one of the teachers there, and she told me about their adaptive dance program that helps students with disabilities develop stronger motor skills.”

“I was pretty lucky in that I had something [dance] that I knew I loved, and I found a great way to learn more about it. But, I’ve also known plenty of people who didn’t know what to do for their LASR project initially. Some chose topics they knew nothing about, some chose something that seemed interesting. They had a chance to do a little more research on those ideas and find out if they wanted to pursue them. The LASR project is a great opportunity to explore something new.”

Thank you, Sam! We look forward to watching your LASR project progress this fall!
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