Meet Claire Lunetta ’16

“I discovered that the students at WMS are some of the most accepting and non-judgmental people I know, and everyone is really unique.” Learn more about Admission Ambassador and senior Claire Lunetta, here.
How did you find your way to WMS?
After my freshman year of high school I began to look around at small private schools because I wasn’t happy in my public school of 2000 students. I ended finding WMS because my grandparents live nearby in Bethlehem and I decided it was my best option.


Describe your transition to WMS.
I came in as a new junior coming from a large Massachusetts public school. A few weeks in I had made a lot of friends and felt really comfortable here living in a dorm. It turned out to be a lot of fun because I became really good friends with some other girls who live down the hall. I discovered that the students at WMS are some of the most accepting and non-judgmental people I know, and everyone is really unique.


What classes are you taking this fall?
I am taking Toxicology, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus AB, AP Literature, and a LASR project on art education. I also have academic coaching and college counseling.


What activities do you do outside of classes?
I am involved in some clubs such as our Sustainability Club and Diversity Club. I ski and snowboard. I also play soccer. I love soccer. I started playing when I was four, and I love our approach to competitive sports. While it is nice to win, a lot of the sport is about the team and having fun as a team.


Best dining hall item or meal?
Buffet breakfast or brunch every morning!


What are the most special characteristics of our School?
The community aspect is really special. The small population makes it possible to get to know everyone who lives here and there is a strong sense of community. I’ve learned that I value strong community. I’m going to miss that most next year when I leave WMS for college- my connections and friendships with classmates and teachers.


What is your advice for new students?
My biggest piece of advice for incoming students is to reach out to other people often. Talk to people and make friends with other students. There are almost always students hanging out in the student lounge and you can go hang out and just talk with people there. It is one of my favorite places on campus. Get to know your classmates regardless of whether you have the same interests. Also get to know your teachers and don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.


What have you learned about yourself at WMS?
I’ve learned a lot about what I’m interested in now and what I want to study in the future. I’m working on my independent study/LASR project right now and I’m already proud of the plan I have created and I imagine I will be even more proud when I finish it.

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