Meet the dance Instructors!

The White Mountain School and Creative Edge Dance Studio have partnered together to get the most out of the new Houghton Arts Center. Meet our new dance instructors!
When the Catherine Houghton Arts Center opened its doors, The White Mountain School opened its doors to the Creative Edge Dance Studio. Under the tutelage of Kathy Kohatsu, our students have been taking dance classes at Creative Edge’s Bethlehem studio for years. But, with our new dance space, Creative Edge can move onto WMS’s beautiful campus so our students are closer to dance class than ever before and our campus can become a cultural hub in our greater White Mountain community.

Meet Creative Edge Dance Studio’s talented instructors!

Kathy Kohatsu

Kathy is the Director of Creative Edge as well as the WMS dance program. She has been an instructor at Creative Edge for 10 years and its director for 6 of those years. She earned her MFA from Case Western Reserve University in Dance and her BA from Colby College in Waterville, ME majoring in Economics and minoring in Performing Arts and Education.  She started her movement career as a gymnast but realized later that it was dance that really made her spirit soar.  She really enjoys the dual role of dance as both an athletic endeavor and artistic exploration.  She encourages all of her students to fill their movement with energy, care, and intention.  It  has been so nice for her to see her ‘littles’ grow up to be such confident and talented dancers! She can’t wait to see what the future holds for the studio!

Veronica Factory
Instructor: Intermediate and Advanced Classical Ballet and Pointe

Veronica Factory studied at the University of California, Irvine. She began studying Ballet as a young girl at Brooklyn College via a merit based scholarship, then moved to California and studied at the Southern California Dance Theatre. She also studied at Jimmy Defore, The Edge, and The Block. She considers her professional performances to be an integral part of her dance education as well. She came to Creative Edge in March of 2007.

On Dance
“I enjoy passing on what I received through dance: the discipline, the performance, the expression of self through art. I love to see dancers reach their potential.”

Veronica’s Dance Philosophy
“I train dancers to reach their potential. Whether they desire a professional career or just want to have fun, I encourage discipline and hard work. There is always fun at the end of the day when they realize that their hard work has paid off, and they have met a goal. My goal is to make genuine artists.”

On the Houghton Arts Center
“The Arts Center is beautiful and professional. It is a great place to nurture young artists. I am thrilled to be a part of this new studio.”

On working with WMS students
“WMS students are a pleasure to teach. They are very appreciative and respectful.”

Corey Giguere
Instructor: Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz Hop, Junior Jazz

Corey Giguere started dancing at age 5, in 1991 in Groton, MA but the majority of her dance education happened in Sterling, MA at the Paula Meola Dance and Performing Arts studio. She continued her dance education when she attended college in Dean College in Franklin, MA, where she participated in their AA Dance Program. She taught dance for three years in Massachusetts until a family friend brought her to Creative Edge.

On Dance
“Dance is life. It is a form of expression and an outlet for creativity, and it makes everyone happy.”

Corey’s Dance Philosophy
As a dance instructor, I believe it is important to nurture the individual dancer, but at the same time providing the structure and fundamentals of each discipline, and most of all to have a fun experience while doing so.

On the Houghton Arts Center
“I think it is absolutely beautiful, and truly provides an amazing environment to support the arts and everything we strive for.”

On working with WMS students
“Very rewarding. They are great kids, respectful and hardworking.”

Kenneth Meunier
Instructor: Advanced Jazz, Contemporary, Boys Trick, Company Director

Kenneth’s dance background consists of growing up right here in Northern NH. He’s been dancing since he was very young. Kenneth first began taking dance in Groveton, NH but moved on to study in Lyndonville, VT. His interest in dance quickly flourished and he loves it to this day. Kenneth says, “Fate brought me to CEDS. I’m having the time of my life. For six years I have worked with Kathy Kohatsu and it still feels like yesterday was my first day.”

On dance
“Dance brings life to my blood. Nothing in my wildest dreams feels as good as dance does. Dance has the ability to lighten or darken moods. It can make us laugh or cry.”

Kenneth’s Dance Philosophy
“1. Growth is neverending! 2. When you think you’re giving 100%, give 100% more!”

On the Houghton Arts Center
“It’s a vital part of the area’s development towards arts. The center is perfect for all arts. Its sleek look and modern feel is enticing.”

On working with WMS students
“Fantastic! The kids seem to be receiving our studio with open arms. They are bright and ready to learn and their minds are open!”

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