More College Essays of WMS

Seniors Danny Hierro, Sam Conant, and JJ Berkun read their college essays aloud at Morning Meeting on Monday!

by Ryan Aldrich, Director of College Counseling

For many, the college essay is one of the most difficult parts of the application process. Its creation is evolutionary, beginning with a small incident or moment of personal growth and expanding into an incredible story. What started as an idea many months ago during their junior year burgeoned into colorful stories intended to communicate something meaningful and important about themselves; a chance to provide insight to admission counselors into who the students are beyond just test scores and grades. Last week, four intrepid seniors stood before the school community at morning reading and shared their college essays. It is a privilege to guide students in their search for stories to share. I am proud of the work our seniors have put forth and am delighted that some of them have chosen to share their essays with you.

Danny Hierro

“Walking along the deteriorating sidewalk, two little boys walk to their school wearing the matching outfits their mother picked for them. They are discussing everything and anything they know.”

Sam Conant

“Imagine four people doing two simultaneous intertwining figure eights in quick six-eight time. This serpentine dance step, called a hey, is just one of the many common steps involved in contra dancing. Contra dancing is a form of dance that is not often known outside of the communities and families in which it is done. The dance is, however, very important to those people.”

Jonathan ‘JJ’ Berkun

“For as long as I can remember, I have spent my summers in the Adirondacks on Upper St. Regis Lake. St. Regis Mountain overlooks the lake and the surrounding area.  The landscape is littered with ponds, lakes and pine forests.  It is a tradition for my friends and me to hike up the mountain in the late afternoon, to reach the top just before sunset.”

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