On Re-Visit Days and Setting Enrollment Records

Read our Head of School’s take on a successful admission season!

By Tim Breen, Ph.D., Head of School

Over the past several weeks we have had many accepted students and their families visiting campus. Because of our size, we are able to tailor each re-visit program to the interests of the particular student and family. It’s a lot of work to do it this way, but it is true to our belief in students as individuals. I really enjoy the opportunity to spend time getting to know each family.

The strongest theme I heard during these meetings was the interest in our academic focus on authentic inquiry – helping students learn to ask and pursue great questions. Families realize that success at college and beyond in the 21st century will depend less on memorizing information, and more on using information, knowledge, and wisdom in new ways. Our incoming students are very strong academically, and, perhaps more importantly, they are also intellectually curious.
This has been a fabulous year for The White Mountain School in admissions. We had dramatically higher interest (double the applications!), and needed to be very selective in the admission process. Our strength was also evident in what admissions professionals call the “yield” – the percentage of students who accepted our offer of admission (this percentage also doubled this year). Our new students are from seven countries and nine states. They are dancers and lacrosse players and climbers. They are musicians, artists, and leaders. And they all bring their personal spark of curiosity to share with our community.
We all look forward to learning together with these new students this fall!

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