Passionate About Photography

Julie Yates
Elliot Murphy ’14 is passionate about photography and the study of art. And his work is good…very good.
By Julie Yates, Director of Alumnae/i Relations

“What did you do over winter break?”
 Elliot Murphy’s ’14 answer to this question was predictable, “I took pictures.” Elliot takes pictures a lot. He is passionate about photography in particular and about the study of art in general. And his work is good…very good.
Elliot grew up in Brunswick, ME and joined us at WMS this fall. For as long as he can remember, Elliot has used art as a way to express himself. He feels a special connection with subjects relating to sustainability and the outdoors.  Elliot fell in love with photography in middle school, starting off with a SLR film camera. He has since gone almost entirely digital and currently uses a Nikon D3100. He has taken a number of art classes already, including a photography class at the Maine College of Art. Elliot is looking forward to taking 2D drawing and ceramics at WMS during the spring term and hopes to eventually make art his career.
You can see more of Elliot’s photos at his website.

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