Sol Diamond ’93 is Paving a New Way in Alzheimer’s Research

The tools Sol needed to conduct his research didn’t exist, so he’s building them.
Sol Diamond ’93 is a professor in the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. His research includes developing a new non-invasive way to test patients for internal symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Sol’s work is focused on “measuring the dynamic relationship between the blood supply to the brain and neuron activity.”

Of his work Sol says, “we’re going to deliver a way to measure brain health. Much like you go to the doctor to get a check-up on your heart, to listen to your heart and get your E.K.G. and find out if you are at risk for certain diseases or trouble, I think we’ll be at a point where you also get a “brain check-up.” It’s going to happen earlier in life and help us manage brain disease. Our group’s contribution will be to help make that a reality.”

Sol was on campus for Alumnae/i Weekend this year and he shared this story about his time at The White Mountain School: “One of my most memorable experiences at WMS was being out on the water with my English Teacher, Elizabeth. She was my English teacher senior year, but also ran the whitewater canoeing and kayaking program, and she was a great instructor in both of those contexts. I remember getting out on the water and heading into some rapids with her and being somewhat nervous about the level of difficulty. This was the end of the season and she was really starting to challenge us. It was one of those moments when I thought, “wow,” here I am connecting with my teacher outside of the classroom in a way that is really extraordinary, and that inspired me.”

Thanks for sharing your news with us, Sol!  We look forward to welcoming you back to campus again soon.

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