Student Summer Plans: Jaylynn Alexander ’20

35464598_10102853064113702_6437096446926782464_nJaylynn Alexander ‘20, Student Ambassador and Vice President of Student Council, discussed how she spent her summer traveling far and wide to visit four colleges and explore areas of the country she has never visited before.  While in California she toured Pepperdine University, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and finished off her adventure in Illinois where she toured University of Chicago. Learn more about the motivation and excitement she is bringing back to White Mountain with her this fall.


What excites you most about your summer plans?

What excites me most is the fact that I get to travel to places I have never been before. I had the chance to visit both California and Chicago this summer to visit colleges and sightsee.

What college visit did you enjoy most and why?

Out of all the colleges I visited, I enjoyed Pepperdine the most. The university is a private school, and was also founded on Christian beliefs, which is important to me. It is located in Malibu, California; which is full of scenic beaches and warm weather. Pepperdine also has the two majors I am most interested in: business and broadcast journalism.

What do you hope to learn or bring back with you to school next year?

Now that I have seen what colleges are requiring and looking for, I am going to bring back the motivation to put my best foot forward this year. I want to have an amazing academic year and get involved in even more extracurricular activities. In doing this I hope to make my college application stronger and that much more compelling.

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