This summer our School grew even more beautiful.

Read on for news on this summer’s campus projects.
In between the White Mountain Climbing Camp and the Frost Place’s poetry sessions, the campus buzzed with the hum (and sometimes, rumble of trucks and large machinery!) of work that furthers our commitment to beautiful green spaces on campus.


Returning students and families will note the expanded and recently named Cook’s Circle which, in a bid to become more pedestrian-friendly, has been moved further from the main entrance to the McLane building. A crew of landscapers is working rain or shine to insure that new walkways are laid with masonry paver stones before the start of the school year.


The main driveway has been repaved and the parking spaces at the bottom of Hood’s Hill have been moved to a new parking area near the Annex. Traffic will enter from West Farm Road and travel in one direction up to McLane and the Annex parking lot. A new rock wall and some extensive work on the back driveway will allow guests to exit campus past the gym and sugar shack. These updates will lower vehicle traffic through campus and hide primary parking areas from view. Hood’s Hill just became an even better place for sledding!


Work on the Formal Garden restoration project has continued this summer. The curved wall facing Cook’s Circle was re-pointed (to match the other newly-refinished walls) and the stone staircase that was tucked alongside the building is being relocated to a more central location off the circle, providing for a more welcoming entrance to the garden. Guests arriving at Cook’s Circle will soon find a new tiered stone stair entrance to the Formal Garden, a proper welcome to the Olmsted Brothers’ original designs. Garden plantings have been carefully removed, beds dug up and re-formatted per the pair’s original plans, and the plants will soon be relocated to their new spaces. Among other additions to the garden is a series of traditional boxwood hedges, the type visible in many of our favorite vintage photos of the garden.


The landscaping crew has also been re-laying the brick paths of the garden, which include the many engraved bricks from the spring and summer brick sale. We look forward to sharing the this beautiful space with you again soon!


A special grand re-opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony has been planned for the fall Parents and Alumnae/i Weekend. You won’t want to miss this special moment in our school’s history.

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