Trivia Challenge! WMS Quiz Bowl

One of winter’s most anticipated events is upon us this week: Quiz Bowl! Whose trivia team will reign supreme? Only a week of Morning Meetings that challenge your wits will tell. One of The White Mountain School’s best annual traditions, Quiz Bowl, dates back to the 1970s and asks each dorm (and the day student group) to build it’s strongest trivia team. Three teams square off at a time during Morning Meeting assemblies and then the winners from each round meet on Friday morning for the final round. The winning team will be recognized with the addition of its name to the famed Quiz Bowl plaque.

WMS Quiz Bowl

Solar Dormitory takes on Carter and Lower Burroughs in Quiz Bowl. In the end, Neil Haeems ’16 ran away with the victory for Lower Burroughs (right).

On Monday morning, the Day Students, Carter, and Upper Burroughs took the hot seats. After a long fought battle and three rounds of tie breaking trivia questions, the Day Students pulled out a victory. They will square off on Friday against Tuesday’s winners, Lower Burroughs. Lower Burroughs is thanking Neil Haeems ’16 right now for earning every single one of their points and helping them hold off both Solar and Hill House dorms. Read on for the first two days’ questions. Good luck! (answers at bottom)

Monday’s Questions:

1. What island country, once known at Seylan, sits in the Indian Ocean just off the southern tip of India?

2. What Austrian composer created works such as The Blue Danube and Tales from the Vienna Woods to help popularize the Waltz in 19th century Vienna?

3. Tom Joad is the protagonist of what 1939 American novel?

4. Vermin Supreme, the candidate who placed fourth in New Hampshire’s recent Democratic presidential primary, ran on a platform including mandatory tooth brushing laws, zombie preparedness, time travel research, and free ponies for every American. Who are the three Democratic candidates who bested him?

5. A tenuous cease-fire agreement by world powers last week brought to light the small possibility of the cessation of violence and civil war in what war-torn Middle Eastern country?

6. In what year did the Chicago Cubs last win the baseball World Series?

7. The always entertaining “Snoopy” is a fixture in the cartoon, “Peanuts.” What breed of dog is Snoopy?

8. The Link Scale, a type of cyanometer, is a tool for measuring the blueness of what?

9. In a non-leap year, what date can be called the exact middle of the year?

10. What TV adventure series began syndication in 1988 and within ten years became the most popular TV show of all time?

11. Of the seven most populous Islands in the world, what is the only one not located in Asia?

12. With its diving speed of 240 miles per hour…..(answered by Upper Burroughs before full recitation of question)

13. Held only in years when epic conditions prevail, the big surf wave contest at what iconic northern California surf spot went off last Friday with 30-foot waves bolstered by the strong El Nino pattern?

14. In the movie Creed, Adonis Johnson seeks out which former boxer, played by Sylvester Stallone, to help train him?

15. How many degrees Fahrenheit are there between the boiling point and freezing point of water?

Tiebreaker: In which country are the mouths of the following rivers? -Amazon? -Volga? -Mekong?

Tuesday’s Questions:

1. Inland from the coast and surround by forest and farmland, Canberra is the capital of what country?

2. What US Supreme Court Justice, famous for his outspoken views, died this week?

3. Perhaps because of its close resemblance to the deadly nightshade, what plant, now ever present on our salad bar was not eaten by settlers in colonial times?

4. Mariner 9 was the first spacecraft to successfully orbit a planet besides Earth. What planet did it successfully orbit in 1971.

5. The second half of season six of what zombie franchise….. (answered early by Lower Burroughs)

6. What is the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of 2 and 3?

7. The live version of the song “A Boy Name Sue” was Johnny Cash’s only top ten single of his career.  “A Boy Named Sue” was written by what poet?

8. In 1913, Cracker Jack began including what in each box?

9. In the movie, Spaceballs, what character, a spoof on Yoda played by Mel Brooks, teaches others how to use “The Schwartz”?

10. By what much simpler name is deoxyribonucleic acid known?

11. What singer recently ignited debate with her performance at the Superbowl?

12. What word, from he NATO phonetic alphabet which begins Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, is also the name of a Canadian province?

13. The Oder river rises in Central Europe and flows north-northwest, ultimately emptying into what sea?

14. The year that John F. Kennedy began serving as President is also a year that reads upside down the same as it reads right side up. What year was it?

15. Long Walk to Freedom is the autobiography of what South African leader?

Monday’s Answers:

1. Sri Lanka

2. Johann Strauss

3. The Grapes of Wrath

4. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley

5. Syria

6. 1908

7. Beagle

8. The sky

9. July 2

10. Baywatch

11. Great Britain

12. Peregrin Falcon

13. Mavericks

14. Rocky

15. 180 degrees

Tiebreaker: Brazil, Russia, Vietnam

Tuesday’s Answers:

1. Australia

2. Antonin Scalia

3. Tomato

4. Mars

5. The Walking Dead

6. 6/5

7. Shel Silverstein

8. A prize

9. Yogurt

10. DNA

11. Beyonce

12. Quebec

13. Baltic Sea

14. 1961

15. Nelson Mandela

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