Visit from Author Will Richardson

Author and educator Will Richardson talks with the WMS faculty about the changing future of education.
At WMS, we believe that it shouldn’t just be students who are constantly learning. Before students return from long breaks, we like to take some time to regroup as a unified faculty and staff and talk about the future of learning at our School. This time, we were joined by noted author and educator Will Robinson, who shared his unique perspective on how schools should evolve as our world changes and knowledge becomes increasingly available.

Will is the author of Why School?: How Education Must Change When Learning and Information are Everywhere and he believes that, because of the accessibility of information, it becomes the responsibility of teachers to guide their students as critical, discerning internet users who use their unfettered freedom to learn anything to pursue information that they truly care about. With the emergence of the required LASR project, WMS is already finding ways to encourage students to explore their intellectual passions freely. But in what other ways could we shape the WMS experience into a freer, more connected learning environment.

Teachers asked, what if WMS was a place where students could design their own high school major? A place where students could learn any language they wanted to, or apply math in places where math is authentically used? A place where they could learn to balance the connectivity provided by technology with their connection with the natural world?

“I think what I’m trying to do,” said Will Richardson after the talk, “is give educators a different context to look at the world through. And hopefully it’s a more modern lens that encompasses and embraces a lot of the technologies that are available specifically to the web. It’s a big change; it’s a different way of looking at it because it requires that we give kids a lot more agency over their own learning in order to take advantage of it. So that’s kind of my goal, is to paint a different picture that people can then have subsequent conversations through.”

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