WMS Announces Commencement Prize and Scholarship Recipients

Descriptions and winners of 2011 prize and scholarships.

WMS Graduation Prizes and Awards 2011
The Ethel W. Devin Prize for excellence in English is given in honor of Miss Devin, who taught English at St. Mary’s in Concord for nearly 30 years.  – Victoria Fura ‘11
The Valpey Prize for excellence in History is named for a benefactor who contributed money through endowment. – Krista Peace’11
The Religion and Humanities Prize –  Daniel Hierro ‘13
The Richard J. Hayes Prize for excellence in mathematics is named in honor of Richard J. Hayes, teacher of mathematics from 1970 until he passed away in January of 1981.  – Yanina Marin’11
The Frederick L. Steele Prize for excellence in Science is nmed for Mr. Steele who taught at St. Mary’s in the Mountains and The White Mountain School for 34 years. Mr. Steele was a widely recognized alpine botanist and author as well as a dedicated teacher. – Dylan Evans’ 11

The Jack Cook Sustainability Prize is named for Jack Cook, former Trustee and founding member of the Board’s Mission Committee. He is the person who first understood and articulated the connection between the school’s mission and the broad ideals, principles and practices of sustainability. He has encouraged, supported and educated us, helping us to become a leader in the field among independent schools. The Jack Cook Sustainability Prize is awarded to an outstanding student for accomplishments in independent action and initiative, as well as proficiency within the department’s core courses.  – Penelope Durand ’12

The Goodrich Prize -for excellence in French was named in honor of a long time teacher of languages at St. Mary’s School in Concord. – James Slaney’11
The Alice C. Humphrey Prize – for excellence in Spanish was originally awarded to scholars in Latin and Greek, for that was what Miss Humphrey taught at St. Mary’s School in Concord for 22 years.  Eduardo Centeno’14
The Hamish MacEwan Prize – for excellence in Art is named for accomplished 20th century contemporary artist and faculty alumnus, Hamish MacEwan, who taught fine arts at Saint Mary’s from 1955 to 1971. His paintings can be seen in private collections throughout eastern United States and the UK, in fact, two of his pieces are hung in Hill House. –Will Dege’11
The Caroline O. McMillan ’47 Music Award  is named for an alumna, Class of 1947, who served this school loyally as a former President of the Alumni Association and then as a trustee for many years until she passed away in 1982.- David Kane ’11
The Mountaineering Award  is given to the student who best exemplifies the broad goals and objectives of the Outdoor Education Program. – Mat Andrews’11
The Courage Prize: The recipient of the courage prize must exemplify perseverance, citizenship and leadership in all aspects of the school. Gianni Irizarry’11
The Samuel Robinson II Community Service Award is given annually in recognition of Mr. Robinson’s five-year tenure as headmaster of The White Mountain School. This award honors his commitment to broadening the scope of education to include service to one’s community. Each year one member of The White Mountain School will be recognized for his or her service to the people and institutions of the North Country. Mikaela Houghton’11
The Robin McQuire Pearson Prize is awarded to the girl in the graduating class who has shown the greatest perseverance in her studies and life at The White Mountain School. – Oxana Tkachenko ’11
The Lt. Michael S. Pierce ’82 Award recognizes the student who has achieved the most in one year’s time at our school in academics, athletics and personal maturity. – Mikaela Houghton ’11
The Bishop’s Prize is awarded to the student who has the highest scholastic standing among ALL students for the entire school year. – Daniel Hierro ’11
The Faculty Award is awarded to the student who has, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrated excellence in both attitude and performance in scholarly and athletic endeavors. – Victoria Fura ’11

The Head’s Award is awarded to the student who exemplifies all that WMS stands for. – Xuening Chen ’11 and Yanina Marin ’11.

Scholarship Award Recipients
Ann Jane Connor Scholar
Given by Mr. Howard Connor, a generous benefactor of this School, in memory of his mother. This prize is awarded to the young woman who best exemplifies excellent progress in her studies and who has made significant contributions to the life of the School. This year, the Jane Ann Connor Prize is awarded to a member of the class of 2012, Emily Nute.

Dorothy Ellingwood McLane Scholar
Dorothy Ellingwood McLane was Principal of our School from 1931 to 1945. It was her foresight that moved the school from Concord to its location here in the mountains. When Mrs. McLane died in December of 1982, a memorial fund was established in her name, the interest of which helps underwrite the scholarship of a girl in next year’s graduating class who represents the ideals Aunt Dot believed in: academic curiosity, vigor, wit, good sportsmanship and common sense. The Dorothy E. McLane Scholar is awarded to Penelope Durand, class of 2012.

Houghton-Duane Scholar
Established by Audrey Houghton-Duane, class of 1950, and Harry B. Duane, the Houghton-Duane Scholar award is given to a student developing leadership potential and who has shown a deep love and respect for mountains, rivers, and the environment. This year, the Houghton-Duane Scholar is presented to Jonathan Berkun, class of 2013.

Deborah McIlwaine/Brantwood Scholar
Each year, in collaboration with the Brantwood Camp in Peterborough, NH, WMS names a female student as the McIlwaine/Brantwood Scholar. The award is named after Deborah P. McIlwaine, a former English teacher, Social Worker and wife of former Head of School John McIlwaine. The Scholar represents the ideals Deborah lived by: academic curiosity, vigor, wit, and a strong commitment to one’s community. The award, established in 1997, is presented this year to a member of the class of 2013, Abigail Hiltz.

Paula K. Valar Scholarship
In honor of former faculty member, ski instructor, trustee and mother of three graduates, the Paula K. Valar Scholarship is given to a day student excelling in his/her studies and life at The White Mountain School. Established in 1996, this award is presented to Fiona McEnany, class of 2014.

Mary Holbrook Russell Scholarship
This scholarship honors the memory of Mary Holbrook Russell who dedicated thirty years to the former Cathedral of St. Mary’s School in Long Island, New York. A trust fund established by students of Ms. Russell was given to The White Mountain School in 2002 so that a scholarship would be granted each year to a female student who has achieved a solid academic standing, contributed enthusiastically to the School’s mission and participated
actively in School affairs. Established in 2003, this award is presented to Bianca Lora, class of 2013.

Linda Clark McGoldrick ’55 Scholarship
This scholarship is granted to a student who excels in writing, demonstrates a sincere interest in the preservation of the environment and whose interests and potential will be met by The White Mountain School community.  This prestigious award was established in 1991 by the trustees to honor a talented and dedicated student, alumna, trustee, teacher and administrator and her 40-year association with the school.  The current recipients are Jodie Clark and Brett Palmer, both class of 2013.

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