WMS By The Numbers

Allison Kimmerle
Director of Admission Allison Kimmerle crunches the numbers and gives us a rundown of the incredible diversity that WMS has to offer.
By Allison Kimmerle, Director of Admission

When WMS alumnae/i, parents, trustees, and friends visit campus, it’s always fun to bring them up to date on what’s going on at School these days. Things do change over the years! I find that WMS’s friends and former students are fascinated by what we are doing and initiating these days and so, I’m sharing a few facts and numbers about today’s WMS.

Student enrollment: 110

Boys/Girls: 59 boys, 51 girls

Boarding/Day: 80% boarding, 20% day

Teaching faculty: 26

Faculty with advanced degrees: 58%

States represented: 13
(Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Rhode Island, Illinois, North Carolina, Connecticut, Texas, New York)
Countries represented: 12
(Afghanistan, Germany, Slovakia, France, Canada, China, Kuwait, England, Kenya, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Russia)
AP courses offered: English Literature, Human Geography, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Environmental Science, Spanish, French
Honors: an option available in all year-long classes
Team sports: soccer (boys, girls), cross country (coed), basketball (boys, girls), lacrosse (boys, girls), alpine skiing (coed), freestyle/snowboarding (coed), cycling (coed), mountain biking (coed)
Individual sports: climbing (rock, ice & sport), hiking and fitness, dance, kayaking, recreational skiing/snowboarding, backcountry skiing/snowboarding, Nordic skiing
Options to athletics: Farm & Forest, theater, community service, jewelry making (at the Littleton Studio School), Yoga

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