WMS Celebrates Community Weekend

Megan Sweeney
WMS students were fun, active, and full of school spirit on the 11th annual Community Weekend!
“The energy and spirit of Community Weekend is what makes it one of my favorite events of the year (plus, I love playing games!). This year’s edition was no different. Students were involved in everything from chalk art to Ultimate Frisbee, and while the Light Blue team seemed to hold the upper hand in many of the events, the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie set a great tone for the year.”
          Nate Snow, Assistant Head of School

After their Orientation trips and the first two days of their brand new classes, WMS students were excited to throw on their Dark Blue and Light Blue gear and show their team spirit on Community Weekend! This is the 11th Community Weekend at WMS, a tradition that began in the fall of 2002 when the Light Blue Dark Blue competition was revived. Since the school color rivalry was reignited, all students, faculty and staff are assigned to either the Light Blue or the Dark Blue team. Each fall, Community Weekend marks the beginning of a year-long competition for team points. The winning team has the honor of seeing their team photo and team banner hang in the dining room for the following year. The flag currently hanging in the dining hall is Light Blue, marking this team’s victory in 2011-12.

Festivities began quietly on Friday night with a game of mini-golf, won overall by Dark Blue, though Light Blue left with the point advantage from high participation. The games kicked off on Saturday morning when brave students and faculty went to Upper Falls for a refreshing leap into freezing cold water. They returned to a delicious brunch and opening speeches given by Nate Snow, Assistant Head of School, as well as some opportunities to score some early points. A few brief rounds of Hop-A-Dollar scored Light Blue 10 points, while Dark Blue earned 30 points while answering trivia questions. After these initial challenges, Community Weekend began in earnest, with face-painting, team pictures, and the traditional all school tug-of-war. After many rounds, hard struggles, and a whole lot of mud, Light Blue won the event at 90 to 30. With the equally traditional post-tug-of-war mud fight out of the way, it was time for a race to the pond to win points and wash off. With a combination of a winning racer and heavy participation, Dark Blue won 54 to 42.

The crowds then split up for a wide variety of events, from the athletic to the artistic, including crab soccer on Hoods Hill, Wiffleball, a sidewalk chalk art contest, Badminton on the Lower Lawn, Ultimate Frisbee, Extremely Extreme bocce, and a water balloon toss. The Grand Relay was cancelled due to weather concerns, but that just left us more time to enjoy the gigantic Wicked Fun Slip ‘n Slide.

The day came to a close with dinner, a town trip, an energizing game of volleyball, and the Proctor Dance in the student lounge.

Sunday was more relaxed as students went on town trips, tie-dyed shirts, went out for ice-cream, tried yoga, mountain biking, and rock climbing, or just enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s company.

The end of Community Weekend left our students happy and settled, feeling closer to the campus and each other. But the competitive spirit lives on.

The score currently stands at Light Blue – 359 and Dark Blue – 212. Dark Blue has some work to do if they don’t want that Light Blue banner to hang in the dining room for yet another year.

You can find pictures from Community Weekend at our Picasa page here! Have any Light Blue Dark Blue memories you’d like to share? Send them to us at julie.yates@whitemountain.org. We’d love to hear from you.

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