WMS Welcomes New NHS Members

Becky Beno
Eleven students were inducted into The White Mountain School chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) on May 11th, 2012.
Eleven students were newly inducted into The White Mountain School chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) on May 11th, 2012. Tara Brooks, Margaret Curtiss, Maxine Eisenberg, Abigail Hiltz, Maegan Martinez, Naji Pride (Lisbon), Gabrielle Seligman, Ingrid Tomljanovic, Emily Weed (Franconia), Hongshen Xu and Xiaoji Zhou joined the seven other students previously in NHS at The White Mountain School. National Honor Society selection is based on excellence in Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service.
The White Mountain School (WMS) not only recognizes our National Honor Society Students for past accomplishments, but also challenges them to further develop their strengths through continued immersion in community service projects and in the life of the school.
This year, the 2011-2012 White Mountain School Chapter of the National Honor Society worked together to sell Christmas cookie-grams, earning enough money to sponsor a child’s education for a year in Nicaragua; they organized a school sponsored Christmas caroling trip to a nearby nursing home, and they cooked and served food for The Dinner Bell.
Individually this year’s NHS members raised money for the Invisible Child Project, and they volunteered with the Littleton Library and the NH Literacy Foundation. They also served as proctors, student council members, citizenship committee members, tutors, field course assistants, and club & class leaders. They participated in service-based Field Courses, volunteered at WMS climbing competitions and continued to raise money for the WMS chapter of the China Care Club. They were also key organizers of important WMS all school events such as the Martin Luther King Junior Day Celebration and International Night. And…they have done all this while maintaining excellent grades- Congratulations to WMS National Honor Society members! Check out the video!
Pictured are 2011-2012 National Honor Society members and new inductees. Back row from left to right: Maxine Eisenberg, Emily Weed (Franconia),Naji Pride (Lisbon), Junya Wei, Meagan Martinez, Abigail Hiltz, Tara Brooks, Ingrid Tomljanovic, Xiaoji Zhou, Margaret Curtiss, Hongshen Xu. Middle Row left to right: Emily Nute (Littleton), Yayun Shen, Daniel Hierro, Front Row left to right: Jonathan Berkun, Gabrielle Seligman, Penelope Durand.

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