WMS Summer Wrap-Up 2013

Ben Mirkin Ph.D., our Director of Summer Programs, reflects on yet another wonderful summer at the White Mountain School.
Ben Mirkin Ph.D., Director of Summer Programs, reflects on the past few months at WMS.

It was another wonderful summer on The White Mountain School campus. The two primary operations this summer were our very own White Mountain Climbing Camp and hosting two week-long Frost Place poetry conferences.

Our climbing camp has grown from a small group consisting of just a few students in 2009, to its current position as the premier youth climbing camp in the country! We are selective with who we admit, but we make those decisions based not on climbing experience and ability, but on desire to be here and general contributions to their communities at home. Are they people who contribute to the happiness of those around them? Are they people who inspire their fellow climbers to push their limits? Are they people who make climbing more fun? We pair these wonderful students with truly world-class instructors and a 3 to 1 student to instructor ratio to create a fantastic program!  

This summer we had 38 students participate in White Mountain Climbing Camp – our largest group thus far. Students came from New Mexico, California, several Midwestern states, and all over New England to live on the WMS campus and climb our local cliffs.

As our climbers reached new heights, our relationship with The Frost Place continues to deepen. This year, we hosted their Conference on Poetry as well as their Poetry Seminar. They come back each year because professional and aspiring poets alike enjoy the lovely setting of The White Mountain School campus, consistently providing them with good food, lodging, and classroom spaces, as well as inspiring them to lift their eyes to the mountains!

Between the continued growth of our climbing program and the reinforcement of our relationship with the poets of The Frost Place and the North Country community at large, it was an amazing summer here at WMS!

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