WMS Welcomes Jennifer L. Willis, M.S., Director of the Learning Center

Read on to learn more about this exciting news!

The faculty and staff of The White Mountain School are proud to welcome Jennifer Willis, M.S. as the new Director of the Learning Center. Jen joins the School from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she is a Doctoral candidate and an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Education and Counseling. She earned her Master’s degree in clinical counseling psychology from La Salle University and her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Davidson College.
The focus of Jen’s work with students is on “strengths promotion.” 
She writes, “My interest in strengths-based education was sparked during my clinical work with students in Philadelphia, and the importance of emphasizing strengths is a theme that has emerged across my work with high school, college, and graduate students. Research demonstrates an intrinsic motivation for strengths use, and I believe deeply in the link between authenticity and motivation. I am passionate about working with students to identify and develop their strengths in the classroom and beyond.”
Jen’s extensive background includes presentations at The American Counseling Association Conference, The American College Counseling Association Annual Conference, the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference, and at the Conference for Ecological Counseling. The titles of her presentations are: “Strengths Promotion in Students,” “Counseling and Community Engagement Through the Contextual Learning Classroom,” “Integration of Teaching, Research and Service in Doctoral Counselor Education Classes,” “Perceived Stigma and Potential Consequences: Counseling LGBTQ Undergraduate Students,” and “Promoting Organizational Well-being.”
Jen is looking forward to her new role at WMS and a return to her roots in New England, having grown up in Gorham, Maine. Jen will begin her official duties on campus on July 1, but in the meantime she welcomes your questions and can be reached at jennifer.willis@whitemountain.org.
Liz Moss, who has served the school in the role of Interim Director of the Learning Center will remain an integral part of the program as a Learning Center tutor. She will also continue to assist our students in their research as our librarian and will lend her passion and insight to their individual work in her new role as the coordinator of our L.A.S.R. Project program. Thank you for all of your great work, Liz!

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