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Celebrating Success – How Sweet It Is!

Seniors Reflect and Look Ahead

Seniors at The White Mountain School recently joined Interim Head of School Tom Reid, Ann Reid, faculty and staff at Dickey House for a celebration of their accomplishments.

Senior Dessert Night is an annual tradition to recognize the end of the college process for seniors and to thank the faculty and staff who have assisted students on this journey. It’s that much sweeter if you enjoy noshing on delightful snacks – frosted cupcakes, sprinkles and ice cream. This is an occasion that gives attendees time to reflect on where they’ve been over their years at White Mountain and look ahead with joy toward a successful future.

While casually chatting with their teachers, Tom and Ann and other soon-to-be alumnae/i, seniors deposited their future artifacts in a Class of 2019 Time Capsule: plastic tchotchkes, game winning athletic gear, a poem and a lucky hat. When the Time Capsule is closed, the artifacts won’t be seen until 2029. Introduced this year by Director of Development and Alumnae/i Relations Scott Hunt, the Time Capsule activity took place over the course of an evening filled with laughter and frosted smiles.

Both of the traditions gave our students the chance to reflect on their own success and give more kudos to their peers – friends, classmates and next-door neighbors – who worked shoulder to shoulder with them during their time at White Mountain.

Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning Mike Peller describes what many of us are feeling at this time of year, “For all of us, The White Mountain School serves as more than just a community. It is a home. A place to live and learn. To explore and play. To challenge oneself and others. To inspire and be inspired. The end of school is always bittersweet: we all long for the slower pace and the time of reflection and creativity and calm that the summer brings; at the same time, it is with sadness that we begin to say goodbye to our seniors.”

From today’s good-byes to future hellos, we look forward to welcoming the Class of 2019 back to campus for the opening of their time capsule in just 10 years at Alumnae/i Weekend.

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