College Day 2017

dsc_0123“Awesome”, “productive”, “clarifying” and “focused” are just some of the words White Mountain students used to describe their experience on College Day. The tasks for each class may have been different, but all students were engaged in laying important groundwork for a future in college.

While the sophomores and juniors were busy taking the PSAT, the freshman class spent the morning with a small group of faculty members, participating in team building games and goal-setting exercises. They were asked to answer questions about their interests and passions, courses they hope to take while at White Mountain and how they plan to become involved in the community. All of these activities were intended to help them maximize their freshman year and create a solid foundation to build upon in future years as they move closer and closer to entering college.

dsc_0115It’s safe to say they the seniors likely felt the greatest tangible benefit from College Day as important application deadlines approach. Members of the Class of 2018 used the morning to work on their applications, refine their essays with assistance from members of the English faculty, and to answer questions about their past experiences and goals for the future in mock interviews. Based on the following quotes from seniors, it is clear that they benefitted greatly from the day and really appreciated the guidance and support that they received.

“It was really nice to have time that the faculty set aside to work with us on our application materials. It was a clarifying day.” -Claire Smith ’18

dsc_0120“It was very helpful to have a designated time to work on finishing up my supplements and get some help with my interviewing skills.”              – Ben Cohen ’18

“College day this year was awesome! I worked with Barbara Buckley to make my college essay into something that I am excited to share with the colleges I am applying to!” – Pyper Williams ’18

“During our 3 hour work period, I set up a Skype interview, did a mock interview with a faculty member, registered for another SAT, planned college visits for November break and wrote my third draft of my common app essay. I’m incredibly thankful to have a whole academic day in which faculty members gave their time to help us understand and break down the college application process step by step which makes it feel less daunting.” -Maria Cartagena ’18

“College Day was a super productive day, with a lot of personalized attention on my essay and my specific college process. My essay improved immensely, and I have a lot of great feedback to help direct me towards a really well-polished essay. I was able to practice interviewing with my top schools and get feedback on how to improve my interview skills, and what questions I should be prepared to answer. College Day was incredibly helpful for all seniors, and it was great to be in a focused environment of people who are all working towards the same goal, no matter how intimidating it can be at times.”      -Aliah Connolly ’18



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