Lakes Region Students of Color Conference

Left to right: Jaylynn '20, Natacki '20, Leslie '20.

Left to right: Jaylynn ’20, Natacki ’20, Leslie ’20.

This year, Jaylynn Alexander ’20, organized a group of students from The White Mountain School to attend the Students of Color Conference hosted by Holderness School on September 29. Jaylynn is the Vice President of Student Council and a Student Ambassador at White Mountain. Twenty-one students and two adult chaperones attended the conference this year. Learn more about Jaylynn’s experience below.



What makes the Students of Color Conference an impactful experience?

The Students of Color Conference is a valuable and impactful experience because there is still a lot of work to be done in independent boarding schools. I have the ability to connect with students who look like me and understand exactly what I am going through. With that connection, I am able to garner the strength to continue to preserve especially when things get difficult.

Not all of the students that participated in the SOCC were minorities and the chaperones were not people of color. To me, that says a lot. In order to really see change, you have to partner with allies. It means the world that students and adults of the majority can recognize differences and still stand with us.

What did you take back with you to White Mountain?

My biggest takeaway was feeling like I found a place where everyone understood one another. I left with the goal of bringing that sense of awareness back to White Mountain. I intend to organize open forums where students and faculty can engage in meaningful and impactful conversations.





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