Martin Luther King Jr. Day

dsc_0417Students, staff and faculty spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day engaged in discussions about service for the greater good. The theme of the day was: Service in Action: What Can WE Do? and was inspired by the following quote from Dr. King:  “Life’s most urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Lawrence Alexander, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, set the tone for the day with a powerful talk at Morning Meeting about some of the lesser known heroes of the civil rights movement. Click here to watch his speech.

dsc_0410Throughout the day, students and faculty members facilitated workshops and ran cause and action groups to help us engage deeply in discussions about pressing national and global issues. The following is a list of some of the sessions: Poverty and Education, Net Neutrality, Activism by the Numbers, Time’s Up (Anti-Harassment), The Politics of Protesting, The Truth About Hijabis: Struggles and Stigmas, Health Issues and Children, Art and Activism and Disaster Relief in America.

dsc_0424At the end of the day, the community re-convened in Lovejoy Chapel. This provided an opportunity for groups to share their experiences and also answer the question “What can WE do?” by sharing the action steps that their group adopted. It was a productive and inspiring day thanks to the preparation of those involved with the planning and the engagement of the whole community in discussing these important issues.

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