On A Mission: Fall Sports Recap

dsc_0020Fall Sports Awards provided a wonderful opportunity to reflect on a season filled with personal growth, team camaraderie, the acquisition of new skills and the beautiful fall weather that all of the teams enjoyed these past few months. Nate Snow, Associate Head of School and Athletic Director, spoke about the benefits of our athletic program for our students and its alignment with our mission:

“Tonight we have a chance to hear about and celebrate all that our students have accomplished over the last few months. So much of this programming happens out of sight of everyone else, so it is wonderful to have an opportunity to pause and reflect on where we’ve been this fall, what we’ve done and how we’ve all grown on the fields, farms, walls, and trails around us.

img_5155“As I was preparing for these Fall Sports Awards, I found myself, as I often do, wondering about ‘why’ we do what we do. Why do we choose to offer the sports and activities that we do? Why do our coaches approach their seasons the way they do? Why do our students choose to participate in the things they do? Why is this part of our School important in our overall program?

“One of the things that I’ve come to learn and love about our afternoon programming is how tightly I believe it is allied with our School’s mission. This is not an easy thing for schools to achieve and it takes constant and consistent work to ensure it is maintained – the same as it does for an academic program. While all schools strive to maintain this program/mission alignment, I think it has become ever more elusive as things like sport specialization, tournament berths and the business side of sports filter down into high schools more and more. I am proud of the connection we maintain in each season that demonstrates true curiosity, compassion and courage in our sports and activities. dsc_0136It takes real courage to grab the sharp end of a rope or commit to something unknown and potentially scary, but this is a community that embraces this ethos. We show compassion in looking past our own athletic progress, and taking the time each day to teach and guide our peers. Compassion also lives in planting, harvesting and cooking food for the larger community. We see curiosity play out every day as we search for the limits of what we can do and what we can learn. We lead with questions: How can I unlock this new boulder problem? How can I be a better teammate? And we support each other with answers, guidance and care as we all succeed, and sometimes as we all fail. Hopefully, we then get up and start over and ask ourselves a whole new set of questions. I hope that this mindset and approach always remains the ‘why’ in the question ‘why do we do what we do’ each afternoon.”

Click here to see more photos from the fall sports season.

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