New Whiteboard Walls Foster Inquiry

img_2717In many of the classrooms on campus, the writing is now literally on the wall thanks to special new whiteboard paint that was applied to several classroom walls over the summer. White Mountain is a school of inquiry and engagement and we want our students to be thinking and asking questions freely. We realized we needed more space to collect these questions, so what better place for students to put them than up on the classroom walls where everyone can see and ponder them?

Gabe Boisseau, Co-Director of Student Inquiry and Research, and Science Department Chair, has found the new whiteboard wall in his classroom very helpful for the students in his Science Research Seminar class. The whiteboard wall provides a place for them to put their initial questions and then to use those as a jumping off point to ask follow up questions or foster discussion. In a way, the whiteboard walls serve a dual purpose: the board is intended to be dynamic so questions can be erased, changed, and expanded upon, but it also provides a place where questions can linger and be pondered for an extended period of time. Gabe believes that when students put their question on the wall for everyone to see, they feel more of a connection and commitment to the question and this investment in inquiry is exactly what these walls were intended to foster.

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