Student Ambassador Profile: Ben Cohen ’18

cohenAs a Student Ambassador, you are often the first White Mountain student that visitors meet. What do you enjoy about this important role?

I really enjoy seeing new faces that are excited to potentially join the wonderful White Mountain community. I also enjoy being the first to meet some of the people that could be joining us here at White Mountain.

Congratulations on your recent college acceptances! Where have you decided to go next year and why?

Next year I will be attending Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. I applied to Lafayette as an early decision applicant. One of the reasons I love the Lafayette community so much is that it reminds me of the community here at White Mountain, small and personable.

Tell me about a class you are really enjoying this year and what you like about it.

This year, I have really enjoyed participating in research seminar. I enjoy being able to learn more about something that I am genuinely interested in.

You have been involved with the Young Adult Ski Patrol Program at Bretton Woods for the past couple of years. What does this involve and what have you gained from this experience?

Participating in the Youth ski patrol program takes up a lot of time and effort. I need to complete 10 full days of work. Three of those days are used for training/refreshers while the others are used as shadow days. On the shadow days I follow the patrollers and assist them if there is anybody in need of assistance.

Congratulations on being selected as a proctor this year! Tell me about what this role entails and what you are enjoying about it.

Being a proctor is a huge responsibility, but is an incredible opportunity that I wish everyone could have. I love being a proctor because it is a great introductory leadership position that helps me build me leadership skills, my social skills and my patience.

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