Student Summer Spotlight: Fatimata Cham ’19

News12 in the Bronx, NY, recently captured the inspiring story of our very own, Fatimata Cham ’19.  Watch the video and read more here.

49c9000e-f200-4d9d-811d-171d971a6a14Fatimata ’19, a four-year student, will leave behind an indelible legacy at The White Mountain School. A founding member of our Girl Up club, an organization founded by the United Nations in support of worldwide gender equity, Fatimata led our community with a sense of urgency and palpable passion when it came to issues of social justice. In acknowledgement of her impressive accomplishments, Fatimata was chosen out of thousands of applicants to be recognized as a Coca-Cola Scholar, earning herself a $20,000 scholarship to be used toward her college education. Fatimata will take that scholarship, along with her strong convictions and humble work ethic, to Lafayette College in the fall where she will begin her college career. Congratulations, Fatimata!

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